Leadership After the Cross

Easter has come and gone, or so it may seem. While Easter is a tremendous weekend of church services, family gatherings, and holiday traditions, the significance of Easter really doesn’t fit in the package of 3 days of festivities. The significance of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection continues far beyond the days, months, and year after Easter Sunday. But most of us tend to put the importance of Easter in the same box as the plastic Easter eggs – shelving it until next year. But especially for Christian leaders, Easter must be outside that box, in our hearts and minds, reverberating throughout the year. We must daily consider those days of Easter for what they represent in every day of our lives and our leadership.

An Easter Reflection for Leaders: Triumphant Entry and Sacrifice at the Cross

The week that stretches from Palm Sunday through Easter is the most significant week of the Christian’s year. Historically and spiritually, this week marks Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, His ultimate sacrifice at the cross, and eternal victory over death. While the theological and historical importance is apparent, these same events teach some marked lessons on leadership – through the example of Christ.