July 2019 – Ideas Worth Sharing – Jeremy Duhon

Featuring Jeremy Duhon
Founder & Curator, TEDxMileHigh


Jeremy A. Duhon is a man of ideas, and more so, he’s about sharing ideas for the good of the community.  As Founder & Curator of TEDxMileHigh, he brings together several hundred community members at several events each year to hear and exchange ideas in arts, business, education, policy, technology & other arenas.  

Jeremy’s background is focused in business and financial investment. He is a CFA and Partner, Portfolio Manager and Analyst at Denver Investments. Jeremy joined Denver Investments in 2004 and is part of the international team. He serves as Portfolio Manager at Westcore Trust - Westcore International Small-Cap Fund and Clearwater Investment Trust - Clearwater International Fund. Since joining Denver Investments in 2004, Jeremy has travelled extensively around the globe providing significant services to clients worldwide. 

But Jeremy’s path to business started in the sciences. He studied neuroscience at Pomona College in Claremont, California, where he earned a B.A. degree.  But as he concluded his undergraduate education, he realized that he loved the social sciences. Instead of going to medical school, he focused on learning about investing.  

This shift in interests opened up career opportunities in the financial world and in community service.  Before joining Denver Investments, he served as a Senior Investment Fellow of El Pomar Foundation from 2002 to 2004. That firm provided him experience in funding charitable nonprofits and governmental entities. Jeremy was also active in community service programs including El Pomar Youth in Community Service Program, and Young Nonprofits Professionals Network – Denver Chapter.  

Bringing his entrepreneurial sense and commitment service, Jeremy tapped into the creativity and innovation of Denver. In 2009, TED Talks launched TEDx, a community based TED-like event that engages community presenters.  Jeremy became a TEDx licensee and, a year later, launched the first TEDxMileHigh event in Denver. TEDxMileHigh presents many events throughout the year – from general TEDx talks to special events focus on topics and issues areas such as children and women.   

Jeremy serves as a strong advocate for Denver through TEDxMileHigh and other. He was recognized for his efforts in 2010 when ColoradoBiz magazine named him one of the state’s “Top 25 Influential Young Professionals.” He continues to engage and create opportunities to inspire and share ideas