August 2019 – Arts, Administration, & Advocacy – Kim Akeley-Charron

Featuring Kim Akeley-Charron
Executive Director, Thompson Education Foundation


Kim Akeley-Charron grew up in Maine where she developed her passion for art as a student.  She received a BA in Art History from the University of Maine.  She later worked in various contexts to further her interests in the arts and related fields.  She also realized her skills in donor relations, events, and nonprofit management while working with the University of Maine Alumni Association.

Eventually Kim and her family shifted from the East to the West, making the long trip from Maine to Colorado.  Her arts experience and management skills led her to working with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Women’s College at University of Denver.  Later, she became the Cultural Events/Marketing Coordinator for the City of Loveland’s Cultural Service Department.  These experiences over a decade honed her interests in arts and advocacy while developing her leadership abilities.

In July 2012, Kim was named the Executive Director of Thompson Education Foundation in Loveland, Colorado – an opportunity connect the range of experiences that she has accumulated in arts, advocacy, and education.   In her role, Kim is committed to increasing the foundation’s support for students in Thompson School District as well as to the financial and organization growth of the foundation. 

Through her time as Executive Director of TEF, Kim has worked with many community organizations and entities including the Thompson School Board, Loveland Chamber of Commerce, and Loveland City Council.  She also serves on many community boards/committees in Loveland and Northern Colorado.  Kim also had the honor of serving three years as Chair of the Colorado School Foundations Association.

The experiences she has gained from these collaborations and service opportunities have allowed her to gain valuable insights for the community.  Those insights in turn have prompted her to now run for County Commissioner – a public service opportunity that allows her to utilize the full range of skills and experiences.  

Whether in education or public service, Kim continues to serve as an advocate and administer for the arts and for the community.