September 11, 2018 - Never Forget

By Sosamma Samuel-Burnett
Founder/President, G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice

I will never forget September 11, 2001. My husband Zack and I had moved to Rocklin, CA the April prior. He had just completed his training for the U-2 program at Beale AFB. That morning we were both up early and getting ready for work. I was upstairs and he was downstairs. We don’t usually have the TV on, but he happened to have it on that morning to catch the news. Then he called out to me. I came across the upstairs loft overlooking the living room area. He stood in his flight suit with his back to me watching the TV screen. I watched over his shoulder as the second airplane struck. We both stood frozen, not quite knowing what we were seeing. And then a moment later, he turned, looked at me and said “I might not be home tonight.” He grabbed his backpack and headed out to Beale for what would be a very long day and night. Shortly after that horrific day, he went overseas as did many of his fellow servicemen and women for what would be a long year ahead. I will never forget the shock, the loss, the grieving. But more importantly, I will never forget the service, the forgiveness, the resilience, especially of those who were in New York and DC. It was the worst of times but also revealed some of the best of character and sacrifice.

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