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Biblical Justice: A-X Criminal Justice Video Presentation G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice (February 2017)

G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice presents Biblical Justice:A-X, a monthly video series that focuses on a range of justice issues from abortion to xenophobia. This month's topic is Criminal Justice and features John Cotsirilos, nationally recognized defense attorney, and Patrick Oliver, Director of the Criminal Justice program at Cedarville University.

Sosamma Samuel-Burnett KLZ Radio Interview Regarding the high profile and controversial case of Dynel Lane


2-23-16 Hr 3 Dynel Lane is guilty of attempted murder when she cut the unborn baby out of a woman by Rush To Reason

Hour 1 - D.C. McAllister -Senior Contributor of The Federalist: Following the Donald Trump blowout in South Carolina, pundits are calling for Ted Cruz to get out of the GOP presidential race to make room for Marco Rubio, even though Cruz won Iowa, Hour 2 - Professor Jenna Ellis: Constitutionally who has authority to set US immigration policy?


The Woolf Within: Restorative Justice Short Film