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G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice offers a useful first stop for research for anyone, including students and professionals, interested in knowing more about a number of justice issues. Find out about advocacy organizations, court cases, news articles, and more relating to your topic of choice.


Arts & Media

The arts play a key role in expressing justice to the world by speaking prophetically to it. By using aesthetic beauty as well as jarring commentary, the arts have long been an expression of hope and solidarity in the face of injustice.

Children & Families

Children are among the most vulnerable members of society, and hold a special place in the heart of God. Jesus wanted the children to come to him (Matthew 19:13-15). We should have special concern for them, as God our Father does.

Constitution & Civil Rights

The Constitution enshrines liberty and equality for all Americans, but the fight to make that a reality has not always been easy. Find out more about the work being done to ensure that all Americans have equal civil liberties and civil rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution, and about the fight to enshrine and preserve constitutional rights around the world.

Criminal Justice

Strong, fair, and enforceable laws that protect the vulnerable and restrain the powerful are necessary for a flourishing society. Throughout the Bible, God chastises the oppressive powerful and comes to the aid of those who are being oppressed by them. He also creates a system of restorative justice, in which wrongdoers aim to restore what they have taken from their victims. Christians ought to be interested in law because protecting the marginalized is important to God.

Economic Justice

Economic injustice has been a consistent feature of human history. God is aware of this, and gives regular entreaties to the rich to treat the poor with economic justice, and warns against the love of money. Explore our world’s economic system and the poor’s place within it in this section.


Education is a major pathway to improve the situation of people who are disenfranchised and marginalized. It empowers people. Since God is a God who empowers his people to flourish in love and in knowledge, Christians ought to be about this mission, too. Learn more about education around the world here.


Stewardship of the environment is a core component of God’s work for humanity. He gave us the responsibility of caring for his creation, helping it flourish and grow even more. Sadly, humans have a tendency to dominate and destroy the natural world, not improve it. Learn more about environmental stewardship here.

Government, Policy, & Politics

Government, policy, & politics have the potential to do great good or great harm to people. They can be highly oppressive or help people flourish by protecting them from the oppression of others and by giving them opportunities. In this section, we focus on how governments are doing both of these around the world through their politics & policies.

HealtH & Medicine

Health is an important part of human flourishing, and includes not only individual physical health, but mental, spiritual, emotional, and public & population health. It often intersects with other dimensions of justice, like government policies, economics, technology, and food security, for example. Just as Jesus cared for the sick, so Christians ought to be concerned about the health of the people in their societies.

Human Trafficking & Slavery

Human trafficking is a fundamental denial of the image of God, which is inherent in every person. Tragically, there are over 25 million people who are in slavery around the world. Christians ought to work diligently to restore the safety & dignity of every person who is trafficked with the love of Jesus.

Human Rights

Human rights is a broad-ranging concept, but essentially defines different arenas in which humans have unalienable dignity. Human rights, for Christians, are founded upon an understanding that all humans are created in the image of God. As such, every person is fundamentally and immeasurably valuable and has certain rights. Learn more about human rights here.

Humanitarian Aid & Crises

When disaster strikes, people suddenly become very vulnerable and are essentially in free-fall. Humanitarian aid is designed to stop the bleeding, so to speak. It helps stabilize the situation to get people back to a place where they can begin to rebuild their lives. This is an essential part of justice. God cares deeply for those who have been struck by calamity.

Immigrants, Refugees, & Displaced People

Immigrants and refugees have a special place in the heart of God, and received special protection under Old Testament law. Jesus was likewise a refugee as a young child. Immigrants and refugees face unique challenges, but enrich host societies in unique ways, and reveal that the image of God in humans is diverse as it is beautiful.

Leadership Development

While leadership is an expansive concept, biblical leadership includes an ethic of others-centered love that is essential to justice. People who lead in the way Jesus led are focused on providing life-giving, others-empowering guidance and opportunity. Dominance and self-important leadership have no place in the loving, justice-centered kingdom of God.

Race & Ethnicity

Celebration of ethnicity is found all over the Bible. God’s command to humanity to multiply all over the Earth was intended to fill his creation with a diverse expression of who He is through myriad cultural differences. However, humans have created the idea of race to divide and dominate others who appear to be “unlike” them. Christians ought to celebrate diversity and treat all people groups with love and justice.

Religion & Faith

Religion & faith are a tremendously important part of the human experience, for good or for evil. Wars have been fought over religion, but faith has also driven some of the most significant positive changes in the world, including the abolition of slavery, the women’s rights movement, and the civil rights movement. Religious freedom is an important part of ensuring human rights around the world.

Technology & Innovation

Technology is a defining feature of the 21st-century and is contributing to tremendously rapid change in all corners of the world. It can be used for good or, as we are increasingly seeing, for great destruction. It has exciting potential and terrifying risks. Christians must think critically about technology and its place in our society for the good of all.

Violence, Conflict, & Terrorism

Non-state-sponsored violence is a tremendous problem around the world. Whether it’s white supremacist terrorism in the US, Buddhist-Muslim conflict in Myanmar, interethnic conflict in Africa or Europe, or other types of criminal violence, violence is a core violation of the image of God that exists in humans and fundamentally denies his image.


Women are a crucial component to the welfare of God’s world. However, they have long been a particularly oppressed population. Even today, around the world, women face tremendous challenges and disadvantages. But their strength and perseverance in the face of difficulty is tremendously inspiring. Christians ought to actively seek the welfare and empowerment of women around the world, because when women flourish, everyone else flourishes, too.

War, Peacekeeping, & Security

While related to violence, conflict, & terrorism, this section has to do with state-sponsored and international war & peacekeeping. It is generally more geopolitical in nature and deals with international & state interests. There are various Christian theories on war, but one thing is consistent: it is evil and causes tremendous suffering for everyone involved.