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What is YouTube Pushing you to watch next?

The Weekly | What Is YouTube Pushing You to Watch Next?

Producers/Directors Gemma Jordan and Alyse Shorland A wave of vocal, right-wing provocateurs has been elected to public office in Brazil in recent years, riding a surge of enthusiasm from their loyal YouTube viewers. Watched more than almost any TV network in Brazil, the nearly ubiquitous social video platform even helped catapult a little-known populist named Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency.


Not Impossible Labs Presents Technology for Humanity

Don's Voice - A Not Impossible Project Presented by HP For more about the SpeakYourMind Foundation and the work they're doing, visit To learn more about the HP x360 Don uses to communicate, visit Don's Voice is the true story of Don and Lorraine Moir, a farm family debilitated by ALS.

Black Mirror – Netflix


The Verge Video Series: “The Big Picture”


Google CEO Sundar Pichai appeared before the House Judiciary Committee today and all that Congress wanted to talk about was bias. So how did bias in Google become such a controversial issue and what would a neutral Google really look like? Russell Brandom takes us through the big picture.